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Facility Equipment Installation & Maintenance

Novum offers comprehensive facility solutions for commercial and industrial facilities as well as reliable services for residential homes. Our staff has 15 years of experience in the industry providing premium solutions ranging from LED retrofits to facility equipment installation and everything in between.

Our extensive experience with commercial facility maintenance, facility equipment installations, and turnkey solutions is unmatched. From repairing HVAC systems in single-family homes to LED retrofitting the lights of the nation’s biggest retail chain, we have the processes and people in place to help you, no matter the size of your project.

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Facility Solutions From Novum

At Novum, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality facility solutions, from facility equipment installation to maintaining lighting systems, so it’s only natural that we handle all contracts in-house. Our high standards are enforced on every step of the project, from planning to quality control. Hiring Novum for your facility equipment installation and maintenance means you get assurance that your project will be done and done right.
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Solutions We Provide

Facility Equipment Installation & Maintenance Services

As the premier facility equipment installation and maintenance provider in the Southeastern United States, we’ve partnered and worked with everyone from small retail stores to the nation’s largest retail chain. We hold licenses and certifications throughout the southeast and can complete any project you have, no matter where or how big it is.

Lighting Solutions
Our lighting division has completed jobs at over 6,000 locations and recycled over 5,000,000 lamps, saving our clients thousands in energy costs. Find out how much you can save with our Return-on-Investment Calculator.
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We offer both commercial and residential HVAC services with professional, reliable installation and replacements of HVAC systems. Stay comfortable and save with energy-efficient HVAC units installed by our dependable team.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Novum has provided expert commercial facility equipment installation for regional grocery chains and the nation’s leading retail chain. We have a reputation for providing exceptional service, so much so that kitchen equipment manufacturers now partner directly with us for installation and maintenance services. Find out what Novum can do for your business.
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EV Chargers & Generators
We offer commercial electronic vehicle (EV) chargers and standby generators to keep your business, fleets, and drivers moving forward. Get custom power solutions for vehicles and your commercial property with installation and maintenance services today.
Turnkey Solutions
By providing a solution for nearly every project, our turnkey solutions make it easy for facility managers to ensure that projects get done in a timely manner. Novum is a one stop shop for every facility, from large retail chains to local groceries. Whether you need new flooring or facility equipment installation, Novum has a solution for your business, our turnkey solutions make your project easy and hassle free.

Novum is a trusted partner for many businesses, whether those are small local stores or large national corporations, as well as many commercial equipment manufacturers. Our reputation and exceptional service as a premier facility equipment installation and commercial facility maintenance provider have allowed us to expand to complete any project you may need.

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Whether you need LED retrofitting in your store or facility equipment installation, Novum’s robust systems and experienced staff make sure your job is done and done correctly. Get in touch with our team to find out how Novum can help you.